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Terms and Conditions

*Please note that the rate includes Basic Valuation ($0.60 per pound, per item) only; additional valuation coverage (Additional Valuation Coverage,$6 per pound, per item) can be purchased for $250or Relocation Insurance can be purchased through, a third party company with that offers different options (follow the link):

**6.25% sales tax will be added to supplies used during the move. 

**Availability is subject to change; a date is not reserved until a contract is signed and returned (this is not personal; we are a small company).

**We have a two-hour minimum.

**This is a non-binding estimate; the final bill will reflect the actual time worked (beyond the two-hour minimum, you will be billed per quarter hour).

*Please note: All estimates made by WMC are non-binding and include Basic Valuation Coverage only. Under this option, the Carrier (WMC) assumes liability for no more than 60 cents ($0.60) per pound, per item. Additional Valuation Coverage must be purchased prior to the move, via the contract. If Additional Valuation Coverage is purchased, the Carrier (WMC) assumes liability for$6.00 per pound, per item in the event of loss or damage up to a total of $25000. If an article (see exclusions on contract) is lost, destroyed or damaged while in WMC custody, WMC will at its discretion, offer to do one of the following for each item: (1) Repair the item; (2) Replace with a similar item; (3) Make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the depreciated value of the item.

*Under Additional Valuation Coverage, WMC is permitted to limit their liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value, unless you specifically list these articles prior to the move (you must request a high value inventory sheet)

**Packing perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in your household goods without WMC’s knowledge may limit liability.

**Packing your own boxes may limit  WMC’s liability. You may consider packing your own household goods/ articles to reduce your costs, but if the articles you pack are damaged, it may be more difficult to establish your claim against the move for the boxes you pack.

***Additional Valuation and Basic Valuation Coverage ARE NOT insurance policies governed by State insurance laws; instead they are Federal contractual tariff levels of liability authorized under Released Rates Orders of The Surface Transportation Board of the US Department of Transportation

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